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Misconceptions we have regarding && in JS and the process of how JSX evaluate this syntax

While writing code in React, specifically in JSX, most of the junior developers (including me 😶), have a misconception regarding && syntax. Sometimes, this misconception leads to some unavoidable bugs.

The Misconception

Have a look at the following code block.


Right Concept

What actually happened in the…

An in-detail discussion on flex properties and their behavior

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

Flexbox had appeared as a blessing for all frontend web developers. Before its arrival, designing a complex layout required too many works. Flexbox made our walking toward complex web UIs easier as well as faster. And in this era of modern web design, we can not think of an interactive UI without flexbox. In this article, we’ll discuss flexbox in-detail and play with various flex properties. So, guys, are you ready? Let’s kick it off.

Okay, before starting, can you tell me why we’re calling it FLexbox? Yes, you are right. The answer is “Because of being flexible”. …

Discussion about some important UX Principles that should be focused on every product designing phase

Photo by Zachary Nelson on Unsplash

Won’t you be overjoyed when you see users happy using your design just as the picture above? Yes, of course, you will be.

Making users smiling and surprised — is the most cherished dream of every designer.

If you are a designer then I have a question for you — Have you ever designed anything without cherishing the dream told above? You didn’t do, did you? Now the fact is that every designer wants to make the user happy but most of them don’t know how to do it. And here comes the UX design concept.

What is UX Design?

UX Design relates to…

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

The way our brain perceives visual representations and how to hack it. Also a magic wand for UI/UX designers.

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